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Medical Tourism

14 Jun, 2021

Muslim Medical Tourism is an emerging market segment and Malaysia has become part of the leaders in ASEAN. Malaysia’s Value Proposition as a Healthcare Destination - “Quality Care For Your Peac...

Republic of Korea - Malaysia's Halal Expor...

08 Jun, 2021

The Republic of Korea ranked 11th as Malaysia's Halal Export Destinations for 2020 with MYR 6.2 billion of Total Cumulative for the year 2016 to 2020.

JAKIM Halal Certification Process

08 Jun, 2021

Need to know how to get halal certification in Malaysia? Follow these steps and let's register today.

COVID-19 Impact on Halal Economy

01 Jun, 2021

The pandemic COVID-19 outspread has alarmed the global economy with unexpected conflicts and the impact on the Halal Economy can be seen thru this summary.

Malaysia Halal Market

01 Jun, 2021

Malaysia retains its top position within the overall Global Islamic Economy Indicator rankings, still as leading in Islamic finance, halal food, travel, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Malaysia Halal Exports Report 2020

19 Apr, 2021

This overview represents Malaysia Halal Exports Report for the year 2020. It shows value on halal contribution, top destinations, continent, industry size, Bumiputera status.

Malaysia Halal Exports 2019 - Cosmetics & ...

19 Apr, 2021

Overview of current Halal exports for Cosmetics & Personal Care category, which consists of a contribution to overall Malaysia exports.

3 Ways How Halal Practices Help Prevent Co...

29 Mar, 2021

In line with Islamic teaching, the concept of Halal Toyyiban is defined as PERMISSIBLE and PURE. This applies not just to food and drinks consumed but also in lifestyle.