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Featured Region: Europe 2020

01 Dec, 2021

Total Malaysia Halal Exports are valued at MYR 2.4 billion in 44 European countries in 2020, ranking second among continents. Malaysia's top five Halal export countries in Europe were the Netherlan...

Industrial Chemical 2020

01 Dec, 2021

Overview of Halal Exports 2020 for Industrial Chemical category, which consists of a contribution to overall Malaysia exports.

Halal Pharmaceutical Industry

01 Dec, 2021

The growing Muslim population in the world has increased the demand for halal pharmaceuticals. The five key result areas of this industry are: 
1) Improving Access to Halal Raw Materials an...

China 2020

01 Dec, 2021

China ranked second in Malaysia's Halal Export Destinations for 2020, contributing to MYR 3.4 billion. Food & Beverage surpassed all other product categories in terms of the volume exported to ...

Halal Food Delivery

01 Dec, 2021

Food delivery is a growing trend in South East Asia, and it has the potential to accelerate the growth of halal food services. Food delivery is a component of the food services chain, as well as a ...

Demystifying E471

25 Oct, 2021

E471 is mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids refer to synthetic fats and produced from glycerol and natural fatty acids which are used as an emulsifier. E471 is a synonym for glyceryl monostearate...

What's in a Burger?

25 Oct, 2021

Burger is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked meat patties, sandwiched between sliced bread rolls or buns. It's frequently served on sesame seed buns with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pi...

Pharmaceutical 2020

18 Oct, 2021

Overview of Halal Exports 2020 for Pharmaceutical category, which consists of a contribution to overall Malaysia exports.