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What’s In Your Chocolate Bar?

22 Dec, 2021

Many people enjoy chocolate, but not everyone is aware of the ingredients in a bar of chocolate. When it comes to chocolate, little is more. Good chocolate should have no more than four ingredients...

USA 2020

22 Dec, 2021

The United States was placed third among Malaysia's Halal Export Destinations for 2020, contributing to MYR 1.7 billion. Food & Beverage became the most popular product category for export to t...

Fakta Pensijilan Halal Malaysia

08 Dec, 2021

Pensijilan Halal Malaysia dikeluarkan oleh JAKIM dan MAIN kepada pengusaha yang memohon secara sukarela dan mematuhi segala peraturan dan garis panduan yang ditetapkan. Pensijilan Halal Malaysia bu...

Japan 2020

08 Dec, 2021

Japan contributed MYR 1.3 billion to Malaysia's Halal Export Destinations for 2020, ranking 6th. Halal Ingredients became the most popular product category exported to Japan. In this infographic, w...

Journey of a Halal Vaccine

08 Dec, 2021

Vaccines are biological substances that provide active acquired immunity to a specific infectious disease. A vaccine usually contains a disease-causing agent made from weakened or destroyed microor...

Palm Oil Derivatives 2020

08 Dec, 2021

Overview of Halal Exports 2020 for Palm Oil Derivatives category, which consists of a contribution to overall Malaysia exports.

i-Connect Halal Supply Chain

08 Dec, 2021

i-Connect is a self-monitoring system that uses technology to assist people in improving their habits. It is a research-backed self-monitoring solution that replaces paper-and-pencil tracking with ...

Featured Region: Europe 2020

01 Dec, 2021

Total Malaysia Halal Exports are valued at MYR 2.4 billion in 44 European countries in 2020, ranking second among continents. Malaysia's top five Halal export countries in Europe were the Netherlan...