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What is in your drink?

19 Jul, 2021

Any substances that are added or used to produce a product for specific technical and functional purpose during processing (direct) is called as ingredients. Be wise to choose either it comes from ...

Rise of the Muslim Millennials

12 Jul, 2021

GEN-M refers to the faithful millennial Muslims, mainly female, who is a hyper-diverse, multinational and cultural demographic with an affluent income status. They are tech-savvy, influential and e...

What is Halal Logistics

12 Jul, 2021

Halal Logistics is the process of managing the logistics operations according to Shariah Law in ensuring the integrity of halal products at the point of consumption.

Malaysia’s Halal Ecosystem

12 Jul, 2021

The Halal Ecosystem is a network of components involved in the growth cycle and delivery of Halal products or services contributing to the overall socio-economic development.

Japan Going Halal

05 Jul, 2021

Halal is indeed a profitable opportunity for Japan, considering the growth of the Muslim population and Japan's openness to tourism.

Majlis Pembangunan Industri Halal (MPIH)

05 Jul, 2021

The Halal Industry Development Council (Majlis Pembangunan Industri Halal-MPIH) is a national-level Council established to drive the national agenda to thrust Malaysia as a leading nation in the gl...

Halal Food Services

05 Jul, 2021

Food and beverage serving activities providing complete meals or drinks fit for immediate consumption.

Malaysia Halal Parks

21 Jun, 2021

Malaysia's strategic geographical location has made the country an ideal Halal investment destination. There are 14 strategic locations of Halal Malaysia (HALMAS) industrial parks in Malaysia.